Extinction Rebellion Vermont

Some XR actions make people uncomfortable and some may involve risk of prosecution.  Know your limits.

An Alternative

For legal, local demonstrations, litigation and legislation on environment and other global issues we recommend Brattleboro Common Sense.

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Box 1621 Brattleboro 05302

Keep Focus

1. Extinction Rebellion of Southern Vermont is part of the larger XR movement, and is expressly rebelling against the criminal inaction of our government on the ecological and climate crisis that we face, while expressly calling for a Just Transition. The discussions here will reflect that. Comments that defend or promote climate denial are not appropriate. Please take such arguments elsewhere.
2. Please respect the group’s focus on the global ecological and climate crisis.

Who We Are


We reply to messages pretty quickly, so if you are interested in learning more, or joining us, please send us a message. We will be happy to let you know when the next presentation for prospective members is, or we can set up a presentation for your group.
We work in coalition with other climate and environmental groups in southern Vermont.


We believe that in order to develop goals and strategies for regenerating our relationship with Earth, we need to educate ourselves. Here are some of the readings that we’ve found most important.

Climate Justice/Social Justice

We’re reading about and discussing the links between climate justice and racial justice, particularly with regard to the concept of a Just Transition to a regenerated relationship between human communities and the ecosystems that we are a part of. We’ve found the Indigenous Environmental Network and Cooperation Jackson to be great mentors.